Metal carpentry, set up and piping
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30 years of experience in the field of metal carpentry and in the production of industrial installations

For 30 years CMT Srl has been applying to its structures the highest quality and safety standards, hence supplying a highly qualified service in the design support, the production and the maintenance of piping systems and light metal carpentry projects.

C.M.T. Expert in the production and maintenance of installations

CMT is a company specialised in the construction of industrial piping systems, in the construction and design of light metal carpentry structures and in the maintenance service of installations. The company has been working in the food, textile, chemical and paper factory sectors thanks to the realisation of high-quality industrial installations that are certified according to the laws in force.

Light metal carpentry

CMT Srl is highly specialised in the light metal carpentry sector and in the realisation of iron and steel structures. According to UNI EN 1090.

Our services

Industrial installations

CMT Srl offers a consultation service along with the design of piping industrial installations or the realisation on the basis of existing projects from the clients.

Our services

Maintenance of installations

CMT Srl performs highly-qualified, continuing maintenance interventions on industrial installations of its own realisation and on already existing installations.

Our services

C.M.T. certifications

Apart from the expertise gained in the sector, the excellence level of CMT projects is guaranteed by the certifications obtained during the years.

The company quality standards are certified by the quality system according to ISO UNI EN 9001.2008. The company has obtained the certification EN 1090 for the design and the construction of light metal carpentry structures. All piping structures are built and tested according to law PED 97/23/CE, while the mixing tanks, the motorised filters, etc. are built according to the machinery directive 06/42/CE.